Portfolio Update # 001 - A New Strategy.

General / 21 March 2021

Date : 21st - 03 - 2021

I decided to give a bit of an update! 

Out of Date portfolio!

The old tram model from early 2020, which was in my portfolio 21-03-2021 is extremly out of date and so I remove it. It was made during a short study period, before I got into the industry. I did it, because I want my portfolio to represent my skills. I may place the other work somewhere else too (the drawings, blueprint experiments, etc). 

I have made interesting work during my internship and especially during my previous job at StickyLock as an Environment Artist, which I love to show whenever I can, but NDA does not allow it. One day in the future I would love too share it.

A new phase of learning!

I am now in a phase of orientation and improvement. I made a strategy, a plan and got a clearer vision on how to make my dream a reality now. I got myself the resources to make it a reality. I wake up early and work in blocks of about 3 hours, at least 8 hours a day. I just get on with it. I also got in contact with profesionals /  critiques who can help on a daily-ish basis to help me improve my skills, which is fantastic!!!

I believe that by the end of this year I can make a great or possibly killer portfolio that shows my skills. I want to be the best and help out in this fantastic industry, to make dreams come true! That is my A-plan.

I intend to give frequent updates about this, possibly every Sunday. This might inspire other people and I believe it is helping me as well.

The plan for upcoming week is search for a temporary job, sort studios I love to work at and follow tutorials that help enforce skills as a hardsurface modeler and the full pbr pipeline.