Crab Crib Game (Free Release) - Global Game Jam

Crab Crib Trailer [ [ 2019 ] ]

GGJ 2019, we made this game. I made various environment assets + textures!
It was a lot of fun!

Download & Play the game here for free:

About game: In Crab Crib, you play as Hermit Crab who is collecting items on a small island, trying to mash up the perfect artificial shell to call home. You will grow in size as you mass a bigger shell, becoming able to pickup bigger items as a result. Your goal is to amass the biggest amount of items, within the given time limit. --- Controls-- Keyboard & Mouse: Alternate pressing Q and E to move forward, Alternate A and D to move backward, Move the Mouse to look around Mouse only: Alternate Left and Right-click to move forward, Move the mouse to look around Gamepad: Alternate pressing Left Trigger and Right Trigger to move forward, Use the right analog stick to look around.

December 13, 2019