YoYo Punch Game (Free Release) - Epic Mega Jam

YoYo Punch - Epic Mega Jam 2019

Multiplayer game made for the Epic Mega Jam 2019.

Over 5 evenings and a weekend we made this game!

I made the art:
> Environment assets, props, vehicles, platforms!
> Animating materials for player models (that can easily be altered)!
> UE4, platform builder tool (to easily place platforms and change them in size and materials)!

You can download and play it for free here: https://ruddy.itch.io/yoyo-punch (165mb)

Battle your friends using Yoyo's and outsmart them using your devilish physics skills, and win the round by holding the flag for 20 seconds!
We followed the theme "Down to Earth" to the letter, as you can see in the level progression.

You'll need PS or XBOX controllers connected to PC
Best experienced with controllers! Up to 4 players.

> Art - Alexander Laheij
> Level design and Audio - Cas Witbaard
> Programming - Kit van den Bunt
> Programming - Rodolfo Fava

December 13, 2019