Sky Tram, 3D model

Alexander laheij tram full 1920 1080

SKY Tram (sketchfab)!
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Alexander laheij tram full backside 1920 1080
Alexander laheij tram inside full scene 1920 1080
Alexander laheij tram inside front driver 1920 1080
Alexander laheij tram inside look back 1920 1080
Alexander laheij sky tram 3d work

It's been a fun learning-full experience to finish this model (working efficiently and problem-solving in Maya and especially in Substance Painter I learned a lot).

I'm quite glad about the end result!

The tram was roughly based on concepts from Chong Fei Giap. You can see his work here: In the future, when a time window opens up, I intend the create a small level, town (partially) based on his work (a few untextured props and a white boxed level has been made already).

More awesome work in the future! :)

Alexander Laheij

December 12, 2019